Road to Safety Program

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RTS Competition Rules

1. ALL VIDEOS  AND the Online Registration form are to be submitted prior to video submissions. This years deadline TBD will be after the 2017 Spring Break Holiday. Date will be announced not the website. 


  • Videos must be turned in by the deadline to the Video Production Teachers in your school or the school's designated RTS administration or staff contact.  If necessary, other arrangements to upload videos directly for submission can be made by contacting the RTS Director a week prior to the deadline.


1. Videos must be submitted on either a small Flash drive, jump drive, or SD card and preferred in  .MOV format. Videos that cannot be opened or uploaded due to size or improper format may be disqualified from the competition.  Please make a copy of your video as any flash or jump drives and SD cards will not be returned unless requested to the RTS Director.

2. Any student over the age of 14 and who attends any of the participating north Fulton County High Schools may enter. Students under 18 must have parents check the agree box on the online registration form.

3. Participation in this competition cannot distract or impede students from regular curriculum and schoolwork.

4. Under no circumstances shall students engage in activity that would endanger themselves or anyone participating in this competition. This includes actual use of drugs, alcohol or other illegal  substances according to law. No bad or suggestive language or 4 letter words either shall be used at anytime in the videos. 

5. Students who enter are required to attend in person the Awards Event or have a representative present  in order to receive cash scholarships and prizes or they forfeit to the next winner in line.


6. Videos must be no longer than 2 minutes and no shorter than 30 seconds.  Any videos which appear to copy or resemble any other video, online video or commercial will be disqualified at the discretion of RTS.  Video footage should be original footage taken by the students.


7. Videos will be judged on creativity, originality, effort, and most importantly the message given.  


8. The focus of the video is to send a powerful message to your peers about the dangers and distractions teens face as new and inexperienced drivers such as i.e.: texting, drinking, operating/using the phone, speeding, etc. etc.


For examples of previous years videos go to our website:


Be creative and have fun!

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